UV Bonding

UV Bonding and UV Bonded Glass.

Elegant Furniture and Furnishings for Your Home and Business

Ultraviolet (UV) bonding involves joining two pieces of glass together using specialised curing adhesives. These adhesives are incredibly strong and create a minimalistic glass product that has smooth clean lines.

You may be looking for an elegant shelf to attach to a wall in your home. Or perhaps you are a business looking for a timeless display case for your products. UV bonded glass products will allow you to achieve the look you want.

The glass can be bonded with all kinds of materials including metal, aluminium and steel. Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll be able to help you create the object you want. For more information about UV bonding in London, please contact us at Universal Glass Systems.

Why Get UV Bonding Products?

UV bonded products have a wide array of applications and can be used in both commercial and domestic environments. They are relatively simple to produce and can be constructed relatively quickly. They have exceptional adhesion properties and are both strong and durable.

There are a number of different thicknesses of glass available and we will assist you in finding the right specifications for your needs. When the bonds have been cured, they remain crystal clear and you will not be able to see any adhesive marks.

How Much Does UV Bonding Cost?

UV bonded glass products can be very simple pieces to highly complex products. If you are interested in UV bonding glass in London for commercial and domestic purposes, please contact us at London Glass System for a detailed quote with a breakdown of all the costs.

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